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Sylvanian Families - Reindeer Twins


Meet the cutest twins you'll ever see - Ollie and Ginger, the baby Reindeer twins! They come with their very own sleigh pushcart that can be attached to other pushcarts from other twin sets for even more fun. These adorable twins have movable heads and either one can ride in the pushcart. Plus, when you combine them with the Reindeer Family (sold separately), you'll have a complete set of four reindeer figures ready for imaginative playtime. Even though their antlers may not be as big as their parents yet, Ollie and Ginger are sure to steal your heart with their charming presence.


  • Sylvanian Families - Reindeer Twins
  • The figures' heads can be moved
  • Either of the twins can in ride the pushcart
  • The included pushcart can be attached to pushcarts from other twin sets.
  • Combine with the Reindeer Family (sold separately) for fun with all four reindeer figures. The included sleigh can be attached to other pushcarts
  • Code; 5693
  • Age: 3 years +