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Sylvanian Families - Hedgehog Twins


The Bramble siblings are quite the pair! Honey is a curious troublemaker who has a knack for opening all sorts of lids, from jars to cans of tea leaves. But watch out when it comes to the pepper shaker - he learned his lesson the hard way! Meanwhile, Hazel prefers to spend her time in dreamland. She can fall asleep even during a lively family outing, and blends right in when she curls up like a little ball. It's amazing how different two siblings can be, but they still manage to make each other's lives more interesting.


  • Sylvanian Families - Hedgehog Twins
  • 3 Piece Set - Crawling baby, sitting baby, and a ride-on toy
  • Dressed in removable fabric clothing
  • The figures' heads can be moved
  • Either of the twins can in ride the pushcart
  • The included pushcart can be attached to pushcarts from other twin sets
  • Combine with the Hedgehog Family (sold separately) for fun with all four Hedgehog figures.
  • Code; 5424
  • Age: 3 years +