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Nursing Covers

Are You Looking for a Nursing Cover?

There’s no reason that moms that are exclusively breastfeeding should have to stay at home; they should be able to confidently go out in public and feed. However, it’s understandable that first-time moms or women who have never breastfed in public can be nervous and a little unsure as to what products would make feeding time more stress-free.
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It’s difficult exposing yourself, and being vulnerable in front of people you don’t know, but luckily we are moving towards a much more accepting future and more women are setting examples for young girls about breastfeeding in public.

Once you feel comfortable breastfeeding in public, and you have the right accessories, you’ll find that your life becomes a whole lot less restricted and you’ll be much more confident and happy leaving home.

At Peekaboo Baby, we know that it can be daunting going to breastfeed in public for the first time, and our range of nursing covers is designed to make the experience much easier for you and your baby.

We Stock Some of the Most Stylish and Practical Nursing Covers in Australia

With such a beautiful collection of items to choose from, any one of our nursing covers will have you nursing in style.

Whether you prefer this breastfeeding cover in Marilyn or this beautiful Jordon cover, you can be sure that your new purchase will come with all of the features that are needed for easy feeding, including;

  • Breathable materials
  • An adjustable neckline for added comfort
  • Direct contact with your baby for security and peace of mind
  • Easy to care for and clean fabrics
  • Coverage for total privacy

And, as an added bonus, all of our covers come with chic designs and coloured patterns so you can look stylish whilst nursing.

Need more info before buying your favourite nursing cover online? Get in touch with the Peekaboo Baby team!

So if you’re looking for a nursing cover that’s offers the perfect blend of elegance and practicality, whilst also giving you total value for money, you’ll love our collection.

If you’ve any questions regarding any of the products you see on this page, feel free to reach out to us today, as we’d be delighted to help you.

More Than Just Nursing Covers at Peekaboo Baby

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