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New Arrival : Aroma Diffusers & Lively Living Organic Essential Oils

Posted on 13th Aug 2018

I am so excited to be stocking the Aroma Bloom & Elm Cool Mist Ultrasonic Vaporisers as well as the Lively Living Organic Essential Oils.

Since my daughter has eczema that can flare up with certain chemicals, I started looking at more natural, non-toxic ways I can change how our household lives.

The reason I have chosen the Aroma Diffusers by Lively Living, is that it has been around since 2014. It is a trusted, popular, quality machine, loved by parents - that looks stylish and chic. 

It is a Vaporiser/Diffuser, Purifier, Humidifier, Ioniser and Night Light as well as being able to release essential oils in their purest form too. The fact that it has 5 functions in 1, it literally replaced 3 things in my house, into one small & stylish machine.YAY!

Parent's also love the fact that the Aroma has:

  • A long run time of 10 hours on high mist, 20 hours on low mist
  • BPA-free crystal look plastic, which won't break if dropped
  • Cool mist = safe for kids and no condensation (yay! No mould)
  • High quality parts = it's lasts for years!

Speaking of high quality, I had no idea that not all essential oils are equal. Since I'm not a fan of MLM brands, Lively Living is a perfect fit. Not only that, they are actually certified organic too, which is always reassuring to know there aren't any pesticides in my essential oils.

Peekaboo Baby is stocking some of my favourite essential oil blends, perfect for sensitive, colic-y babies, for sleeping, for Winter, for homework time or even for boosting the household's immune system. If you have a favourite Lively Living oil blend, let me know :)

I've also created a chart to compare the points of differences to the 2 Aroma Diffusers Peekaboo Baby stock at the moment.

  • 8 hours on high mist, 18 hours on low mist
  • 10 hours on high mist, 20 hours on low mist
  • 200ml water capacity
  • 300ml water capacity
  • Mist dispersion covers 25-30 sq/m
  • Mist dispersion covers 30-35 sq/m
  • Size : 150 x 235 mm
  • Size : 148 x 136 mm

Enjoy and I hope you check out our range of  Lively Living products.

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