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Nursing Dresses

Dresses for Breast Feeding

Who says mums can't look fab when they're out and about? With our stylish dresses, nobody will even know your dress is doing double duty as a dress for breastfeeding.

You may have seen a dress for breast feeding before, but if you haven't already seen one, you may be wondering how they work. Breastfeeding dresses look like ordinary dresses except they have a special design.
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Comfortable Breastfeeding Dresses Made With Stretchy Material

Unlike ordinary dresses, breastfeeding is possible because there is a built in hidden pocket made from stretchy material that lets you pop your breast out through an opening when you want to feed your baby, but discreetly keeps everything hidden the rest of the time.

There are different types of these pockets, all working in slightly different ways:

  • Lift up – with this style, you lift the hidden covering up to reveal your breast and feed your baby. This style is comfortable and looks elegant.
  • Pull down – the opposite of the lift up style, you pull down the neckline cowling to reveal your breast.
  • Move aside – one of the easiest and most basic styles, suitable for all breast sizes, the dress is designed with a plunging but very modest neckline, and you simply move the fabric aside to provide access to your breast.
  • Side access – this type can be a little more tricky to figure out how to use, but many women prefer it due to being an especially discreet design. The dress is designed with oversized arm holes and there is a pocket within that can be opened up to allow your breast to slip out sideways.

The Best Breastfeeding Dresses for Australian Mums

The diversity in designs is for a good reason. Some types of dresses are more suitable for particular body types. For example, small breasted women are not going to find the side access dress very practical, but would have no trouble at all using the pull down style.

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Looking for the Perfect Dress for Breast Feeding?

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