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Baby Bags

You don’t want to be lugging around another bag for all your stuff either, so you have to find a bag that has enough room in it for your cell phone, keys and wallet, as well as your baby’s essentials.

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Luckily there are tons of different types of baby bags available in Australia, and we stock a whole lot of the highest quality ones. What you choose depends on your requirements, so you need to figure out exactly what it is you need from a bag before you decide on the most appropriate one.

For the best baby bags in Australia, the following are some of what we’ve got to offer:


The traditional baby bag is the one that you are going to find most often; it has lots of pockets and compartments on both the inside and outside. It really caters for the many essentials that babies need when they are on a trip: diapers, towels, toys, bottles… and everything in between.

The newer versions also cater for parents’ space and have pockets for cell phones, keys and wallets. They are generally a bit larger and are perfect for families going on longer trips and for parents that have more than one baby - or one that needs a lot more stuff than other babies.


Tote bags are similar to traditional baby bags in that they are quite large and over the shoulder designs. The tote tends to have larger compartments, however, and normally comes with a double handle.

Totes tend to be a little trendier than traditional baby bags, which makes them perfect for the very fashionable, yet functional parent.


Satchels are smaller than the two options above and usually have one or two side compartments. The handles are shorter too, and it’s usually worn over the shoulder.

The bag’s smaller size means that it’s more ideal for a stylish parent that is taking their baby out for just a short time.


Undoubtedly the smallest of the baby bags you can buy online, the clutch can normally only fit a changing pad and a few diapers.

It’s the perfect parent accessory for a short trip to the shops or a little commute where only the bare essentials are needed.


The backpack is the typical baby bag for longer trips and parents that generally like to have the freedom of both hands.

They are large and can hold many supplies, and have shoulder straps that distribute the weight evenly and enough compartments for babies, their items and yours too.

Those are just some of the baby bags we offer at Peekaboo Baby. Take some time to check out the rest of our range and get in touch with us if you’ve any questions when the time comes to buy baby bags online.

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