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Sesame Street Peek-a-boo Elmo Toy - 38cm

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Everyone will fall in love with this adorable Peek-a-boo Elmo soft toy from the world of Sesame Street. With his contagious giggle and gorgeous personality, Elmo recites 13 different phrases as his arms and blanket move up and down!

A fun, interactive friend for a baby, this iconic Sesame Street character will entertain baby and toddlers for hours as he engages in a fun game of Peek a Boo, encouraging imaginative play and assisting in the development of social skills.


  • Plays Peekaboo with its red handkerchief
  • On/Off switch on foot
  • Phrases include: Elmo loves to play Peek A Boo with you!
  • Oh cool! Elmo can't wait to play with you!
    Where are you? Peek a boo! There you are!
    Are you hiding from Elmo? No! There you are! 
    Who's red furry and loves you? Elmo! (giggle) 
    Where are you? Elmo doesn't see you? Oh, there you are! Elmo sees you!
    Elmo's just getting warmed up baby! Peek...aboo! (giggle). 
    Hey, who turned out the lights? Oh never mind! Elmo's a silly monster!
    Guess who's behind the blanket. It's Elmo! (giggle)
    Where are you? Oh, there you are! Right where Elmo left you! (giggle)
    Again! Again! Peek a bye bye! (giggle).
  • Surface-washable for easy cleaning
  • 3x AA batteries included
  • Dimensions: 38cm
  • Age : 18 months +
Sesame Street is known for its educational content, and fast-moving, strong, visual images communicated through the use of Jim Henson’s Muppets, animation, short films, using humour, music and cultural references. Officially the most awarded children's TV show in history with a total of 159 Emmy Awards, our range of super-cuddly plush toys make the perfect playtime companions, whilst bringing these beloved Sesame Street characters to life.