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Maternity Clothes

Maternity Clothing

Long gone are the days when maternity clothes had to be boring and unflattering! Here at Peekaboo Baby, we couldn’t be happier to provide our customers will maternity clothes that look and feel amazing.
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Our company was founded by a busy mum of two so we know that being pregnant is difficult enough, and we want you to feel beautiful while you do it. Take some time to browse our entire range of maternity wear and you’re sure to find some stylish bits that would look great in your wardrobe.

Need some help choosing maternity clothes in Australia from our online store?

If so, here are our tips when shopping for maternity clothes essentials in Australia:

When should you move to maternity clothes?

The first month or so isn’t going to show remarkably and, as such, you won’t need maternity clothing from the offset, but how do you know when to change up what you’re wearing?

  • Your trouser buttons need to be left open
  • Your button-down shirts stretch over your belly
  • You belly keeps sneaking out the bottom of your shirt to say “hi”
  • Spandex is your go-to material

Now you know that you’re ready to buy maternity clothing, what are the essentials that you should be looking for?

In our online store, we stock stylish maternity essentials and these are our top picks;

T-shirts: Don’t underestimate the power of a good t-shirt during pregnancy! Invest in a number of neutral, stretchy t-shirts that will compliment any outfit.

Stretchy mom jeans: Maternity jeans are a mom to be’s saviour. The stretchy elastic means that the jeans still fit snugly over a bump, but the jeans still remain comfortable, fashionable and look great with the t-shirts above.

Leggings: When it comes to comfort there is nothing that beats leggings. Ensure you have a few pairs of leggings that you can throw on for a day around the house.

Comfortable underwear: Underwear is important for comfort during pregnancy, so invest in some well-made, nice looking panties and supportive bras to see you through the last couple of months.

Dress/skirt: It’s important to have one piece of clothing that you can wear to special events that slims you down and makes you feel glam. Black dresses and pencil skirts are always winners.

Shoes: Ditch the heels and find some comfortable, neutral and stylish flat shoes that will take your increasing weight well.

Looking for the most comfortable and cute maternity clothes in Australia?

If so, shop online for trendy maternity clothes at Peekaboo Baby and you’re sure to find something that you LOVE!

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