Breastfeeding Covers

Breastfeeding Covers

Breast feeding discreetly in public can be a challenging ordeal, but it's now possible with the fantastic breastfeeding covers you can buy from Peekaboo Baby.

Most people have never heard of these things before, so what exactly is a breastfeeding nursing cover? Quite simply, covers for breastfeeding can be thought of as a kind of breastfeeding apron, which you can use to shield your baby (and breast) from public view when you're breast feeding in public.
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Privacy in public with a Baby Breast Feeding Cover

Breast Feeding Covers that provide privacy

The advantage of a breast feeding cover is you can give your baby the ideal nourishment nature intended without having to be concerned by adverse reactions from people around you.

Of course this isn't something you should have to be concerned about, but in recent times the world has gotten a little bit crazier when it comes to this sort of thing, and it's now pretty much essential to have a cover for breastfeeding if you want to have a stress free breast feeding experience.

You should not be forced to leave your breast feeding cover at home and bottle feed just because there are some narrow minded fools out there who believe breast feeding is somehow immoral or disgusting.

Yes, indeed some people really do believe you should feed your baby other than nature intended just because you can, a baby breastfeeding cover lets you avoid the problem of having to deal with these types.

Breastfeeding Covers Helping you avoid stress for a good reason

Breast Feeding Covers that reduce stress

It must be kept in mind that any stress you experience will raise your blood cortisol levels. This is not only bad for your health, but it also can be passed along in the breast milk. Anything, including a breast feeding cover, that can help you feel more calm and relaxed is better for you and for your baby.

Breast feeding covers are the ideal way to remove the possibility of a stress inducing confrontation, and when you think about it, the simplicity of a breastfeeding cover is just common sense if you don't want to risk these kinds of problems.

BreastFeeding Covers Keeping things natural

Breastfeeding Covers for any time, any place

Our breast feeding covers are the perfect thing for taking care of a very necessary task conveniently and discreetly, with a minimum of fuss. Babies are also fine with feeding while covered up, and it seems they may even prefer it.

If you’re currently breastfeeding your little one, we’re sure you’ll agree that the biggest problem with breastfeeding is that when your baby is hungry, he/she doesn’t really care where you are or what you’re doing.

As such, you may be required to breastfeed in a mall, on a moving train, or on a park bench.

Breastfeeding covers have become incredibly popular for this reason and at Peekaboo Baby, we stock a large variety of breastfeeding covers to ensure that nursing mums everywhere maintain their privacy while breastfeeding in public.

Our online shop has a range of stylish breastfeeding covers, perfect for moms that want to breastfeed in public without getting unusual stares.

Multiple Baby Breast Feeding Covers to Choose From

Breast Feeding Covers in multiple styles

These are our three top types of baby breastfeeding covers that are available on our online store, and what you choose will depend totally on your personal preferences:

  • Apron style breast feeding covers

Apron-style covers are the most popular breast feeding covers and you will see them more often over any other type. They are made of a rectangular piece of material that covers the chest and is held up by a strap around the neck - exactly like an apron. It’s ideal for both breastfeeding and pumping in public.

Most apron-style breastfeeding covers have a neckline made of something similar to the underwire of your bra that allows you to keep a visual on your baby while they feed. These are the easiest covers to put on in a hurry when you need to breastfeed in public.

  • Infinity scarf style breast feeding covers

The infinity scarf is like the little black dress of breastfeeding covers: it is incredibly convenient, and is wonderfully stylish to boot. So if you love to wear scarves then this might be the breastfeeding cover to buy online for your feeding times.

The scarf is a long, rectangular piece of fabric that can fashionably fit around your neck twice as a comfortable scarf, or you can wrap it around your chest to create a great breastfeeding cover that also covers your back, making it a very stylish and practical breast feeding cover.

  • Poncho style breast feeding covers

If you are incredibly shy, or very worried about modesty during breastfeeding then the poncho breastfeeding cover is the way to go. It covers your entire body, and it is virtually impossible for your baby to pull the breast feeding cover off you while they feed.

It also covers your back, which can be exposed with the other styles when you lift your shirt to feed. Just remember to get a breast feeding cover poncho that is made of light, breathable materials as you don’t want your baby to be stuffy while they feed.

Wondering which style of cover for breastfeeding is best for you?

Breast Feeding Covers for every mum

Check out the range of breastfeeding covers on our online shop now and give us a call if you’ve any questions.

You can buy your breast feeding covers online from Peekaboo Baby. We carry a full range of maternity and nursery products, in fact everything that you might need as a mother you will find at Peekaboo Baby.

Ordering your breast feeding cover online is easy and safe. We protect customer details with encryption technology, and we only collect as much information as we need for processing your order efficiently.

For the best maternity and nursery products online in Australia, head to Peekaboo Baby where you can buy with confidence.

Questions About Any of Our Baby Breastfeeding Covers?

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