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Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow - King of Desert

$149.00 $129.90

The most comfortable pillow for pregnancy and breastfeeding! The Theraline Original Maternity and Nursing Pillow provides stable support during your pregnancy. It provides relief for your legs, belly and a stressed back for a good night's sleep. It is easy to change sleeping positions.

Post pregnancy, it provides real comfort during breast feeding and safely moulds to the baby's body. While your baby's weight rests on the pillow, you can now breastfeed, cuddle and enjoy in complete relaxation. Enjoy the effective relief for your arms, shoulders, neck and back. The Original Theraline Pillow is suitable for all conceivable breastfeeding positions - sitting, lying down, squatting - and even for the comfortable breastfeeding of twins.


  • Design: King of Desert
  • Particularly beneficial during the last months of pregnancy when you may become more restless at night
  • Filling conforms to the shape of your body, no matter what position you are in, whether lying down or sitting up and remains firmly in place without giving way
  • It supports the first attempts of baby sitting, is a cosy baby nest* or a cuddly soft bed surround**
  • Material: Inner cover and cover is 100% cotton
  • Filling: EPS micro beads. 100% polystyrene
  • Antiallergenic and breathable
  • Washable up to 60°C; Tumble dry low heat
  • Size: approx 190 x 40cm

* Any pillow can pose a suffocation risk for babies. Therefore, never leave your baby unattended for long periods of time, even with the Original Theraline Maternity & Nursing Pillow

** Important: For safety reasons, it should only be used as a bed surround from the age of two.