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When you're thinking about buying a round rug for your nursery, there's a lot of things you need to think about. In general round nursery rugs are recommended more for young babies, because square or rectangular rugs have corners.

Babies and corners don't tend to mix well. That doesn't mean you shouldn't ever consider buying shapes other than round, but you do need to watch more carefully, and you'll need to choose a slightly heavier rug if it's not round.

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The whole reasoning behind this is you need to make it as difficult as possible for the baby to lift up the corners. Why does that matter? Well corners are the firmest part of a square or rectangular rug, and coincidentally your baby's eyes are the largest and softest part of his or her face. You don't need to be a genius to see where this is going.

Before children are old enough to use the nursery as a play room, it is just the best option to buy round rugs for the nursery. Of course, this refers to situations where the main purpose of the rug is for the child to sit and play, or lie down on the rug and crawl around. But if the rug is bigger and is intended to have furniture on it, then it's a different matter.

Trusted Supplier of Round Nursery Rugs

Choosing round rugs for your nursery is a good idea, but do remember that not all rugs are equal. It is important, actually vital, that you choose rugs that are especially designed for nursery use, and that you buy them only from a trusted supplier like Peekaboo Baby.

That is the only way you can be absolutely 100 percent sure that the rug you choose is safe. Peekaboo Baby is a trusted supplier of quality nursery and maternity products in Australia, and that is why you can rely on the products offered.

All products must pass strict standards of quality assurance and safety before they are offered for sale on the Peekaboo Baby website.  That makes Peekaboo Baby the best place to buy round nursery rugs online, because you have that assurance of safety and quality.

We Make Your Shopping Stress Free for Round Rugs 

As a new parent, you have enough things to worry about. Worrying about things like rugs should be the last thing on your mind. Of course, it goes without saying that you should always supervise your baby when he or she is playing on a rug, but that is just a matter of common sense.

Choose from the best round nursery rugs in Australia by buying from Peekaboo Baby, where you can shop with total peace of mind that you are choosing a safe product that won't let you down.

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