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Pregnancy Dresses

Pregnancy Dresses Online

Also known as a maternity dress, a pregnancy dress is a kind of dress designed to keep you feeling comfortable and confident throughout the duration of your pregnancy. Read more.

The changing face of pregnancy dresses

The evolution of maternity dresses involved two stages, where the needs in each of those stages were quite different. The first maternity dresses were practical, and intended to make the wearer more comfortable. That was during an era when pregnancy was celebrated as a miraculous gift.

By the time the 19th century arrived, pregnancy had become considered an embarrassing condition in many parts of Europe, so people wanted to conceal evidence of pregnancy for as long as they possibly could.

Modern pregnancy dresses in Australia were designed to suit both purposes, being intended for comfort and a certain degree of concealment.

What Kind of Pregnancy Dress Are You Looking For?

Since legislation was introduced protecting the jobs of pregnant women, the need for concealment is decreased, and it is becoming more common to see tighter fitting dresses for pregnancy being worn.

There is even now a trend starting for more formal styles of pregnancy dresses, allowing people to “blend in” to a corporate environment, even when quite obviously and unmistakeably pregnant.

We are often asked about what styles are the best pregnancy dresses, and really the honest answer is whatever makes you feel the best when you are wearing it. Dress for comfort, dress for concealment, or even dress to proudly show off your pregnant status. It's all good as long as you feel good wearing it.

Buying Pregnancy Dresses Online

When shopping for a pregnancy dress online, you need to keep in mind that your body is undergoing a lot of changes in a short time, so you probably will be best to order something a little larger than your normal dress size.

The best place to buy pregnancy dresses online is Peekaboo Baby, because we have a fantastic range of maternity wear and pregnancy dresses and they're easily the most affordable and stylish dresses you are likely to find anywhere.

Beautiful, affordable & luxurious Pregnancy Dresses

These are dresses so beautiful that after you're finished with your pregnancy you may even want to take them to a tailor and have them resized, because although they have all the comfort of a dress designed for pregnancy, they don't look like that's what they were designed for.

Buying Pregnancy Dresses from Peekaboo Baby

Peekaboo Baby has all you need for top quality maternity and nursery products. We provide excellent value on everything we sell, and the prices are so affordable, you can compare them to department store prices and see for yourself we're offering the best deals.

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Browse our range of pregnancy dresses online today and treat yourself to some comfortable luxury.

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