BabyZen Yoyo+ Stroller Buggy Board


BabyZen Yoyo Plus Stroller Buggy Board is finally here to save our little ones feet! Designed to safely take your second child for a walk, this YOYO+ board can be installed on the stroller in a easy, single-click connection and with just one hand, thanks to Babyzen's exclusive connection system. Featuring a removable saddle that allows kids to stand up or to sit while you keep on walking. When YOYO+ board is not used, it can be lifted up into two different storage positions, for optimal space-saving.


  • Buggy Board exclusive compatibility with the Babyzen YOYO+ stroller ONLY
  • One hand fast exclusive connection & removing system
  • Easy to store away when not in use
  • A removable seat so that your toddler can sit or stand along for the ride
  • 2 positions strap to fold the YOYO+ board when not used
  • Weight Limited : 20 Kg