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Nursery Rugs

Rugs for Baby Nursery Rooms Online

Define a safe space for crawling, playing and changing with a nursery decor rugs. The important thing that is essential when you buy rugs for nursery rooms is that the rugs must be 100 percent safe. That is why you can't use just any old rug; you must use rugs for a baby nursery, specially designed for that sole purpose. Not only that, but you have to bear in mind that not all rugs for nursery use are created equally.
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Are You Looking for a Rug for Your Baby's Nursery Room?

Sometimes you will see items labelled as rugs for a nursery that should not bear that designation, so it's important as well that you buy only from trusted suppliers like Peekaboo Baby.

This is the only way you can be completely certain the rug you have chosen will be suited for the purpose, and safe for you baby to crawl around on.

Quality Always Matters for Nursery Rugs

Cheap imported rugs can be dangerous for a lot of reasons. The could have loose threads that could be inhaled or swallowed, they could be dyed with unsafe colouring agents, and in some cases they could even contain things like needles or staples that have been placed during manufacture and not removed.

Don't take that kind of risk. Buy only from suppliers who are well known and established, and who take care to ensure they only stock safe products. Also don't assume that just because the product is sold in a shop, that means it's safe. Not all proprietors know what to look for or how to identify safety features.

Why Your Baby Nursery Room Needs a Rug

As a matter of fact, you need to take care to ensure the entire nursery is safe for your baby in terms of design. A few things you can do to ensure safety in the nursery include:

  • Never use old paint for decorating the room, because you can't be certain the old paint is free from lead or volatile organic compounds unless the label specifically states these facts. If there's any doubt at all, buy new paint, and ask the supplier for a guarantee it's lead free and VOC free.
  • The above tip doesn't just apply to the walls, it also applies to nursery furniture too. And if your nursery furniture has been pre-painted, you need certainty that the paint used did not contain VOCs or lead. Again, buying from trusted suppliers like Peekaboo Baby is the way to go.
  • Make sure curtains are out of reach. Babies love to grab things, and curtains are a tempting target. The baby could become entangled in the curtain, or could pull it hard enough for it to rip the curtain rod right out of the wall. Curtains need to be fastened very securely for this reason also.
  • Avoid placing things like heavy picture frames in areas where a baby could be crawling under. If something caused the frame to fall at the wrong moment, it would be bad.
  • Place furniture sensibly. If you put the crib right under the window, that's a serious danger, but a mistake that thousands of parents make all the time.

Questions About Our Range of Nursery Rugs? Contact Us Today!

Peekaboo Baby has a range of safe nursery rugs online that you can browse through and purchase, confident that they are safe products for the nursery.

Always buy from trusted suppliers like Peekaboo Baby who have taken care to ensure safety when you buy nursery rugs in Australia.

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