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Breastfeeding Wear

Breastfeeding Wear & Clothing

Welcome to Peekaboo Baby, one of Australia’s most trusted names when it comes to stylish, practical and affordable breastfeeding wear for new mums. The Peekaboo Baby range of designer breastfeeding clothes and cheap breastfeeding clothes is aimed at every stylish parent that’s looking for the best prices available on breastfeeding clothing in the market today.
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We know that breastfeeding can be an overwhelming time for any new mother, so we aim to make things easier by providing you with the best breastfeeding clothing Australia has to offer all in one convenient, and easy to navigate site.

Our selection focuses on quality, affordability, variety, comfort and stylishness.

Looking for a specific type of breastfeeding clothing? 

Breast Feeding Wear is Our Speciality

A dedicated mum of two launched Peekaboo Baby, so we’re a company that knows first-hand how busy and stressful the life of a parent can be. It can be difficult trying to find the time to shop around for the best breastfeeding clothes for yourself, especially when your full attention is directed to your new bundle of joy.

It can be especially overwhelming to sift through the hundreds of brands available online before finding the right piece of clothing for you. On our easy to navigate site, you can browse a collection of name brands at reasonable prices and our selection is so wide-ranging that you are sure to find the best breastfeeding clothes Australia has to offer new mums.

We strive to make your life as a new mum a little easier by taking the hard work out of finding beautiful breastfeeding outfits away from you.

Why choose Peekaboo Baby for Breastfeeeding Wear? 

We're Australia's Leader in Breast Feeding Wear

Our customers love the variety and quality of the pieces available at Peekaboo Baby. We’ve quite literally got something for every nursing mum so whether you’re looking for more stylish nursing clothes for breastfeeding that you can wear to lunch with friends or you’re in search of a selection of casual breastfeeding clothes online, we’ve got something you’ll love.  

You will find wrap dresses, jumpers, loungewear, cardigans, comfortable tops, tank tops, t-shirts and a collection of other clothes breastfeeding mums can feel comfortable and fashionable wearing. Our product range also comes in all sizes and is affordably priced so you won’t have to worry about compromising on quality in order to save.

It can be hard to start thinking about the breastfeeding process during pregnancy. With swollen feet, backache, morning sickness and crazy cravings being the norm, a lot of expectant mums find it difficult to focus on what life is going to be like post pregnancy.

Luckily for moms in today’s world, there is a whole market that caters to their breastfeeding needs, and mums everywhere can now look very fashionable while going through the motions.

At Peekaboo Baby, we know all about the difficulties that come with breastfeeding, and that’s why we have dedicated an entire section of our online shop to breastfeeding and maternity clothes for moms to be.

Looking for breastfeeding clothes in Australia that are stylish and practical? We’ve got you covered!

We have a huge range of breastfeeding wear & clothing:

Before making your purchase(s), take a look at the essential factors for breastfeeding moms to consider when buying clothing:

Nursing bras

Whilst nursing bras were never considered stylish, we change all of that as we offer a range of nursing wear that’s highly practical and cute too. Buy two or three bras that allow for easy nursing and growth, as well as a comfortable nursing bra to sleep in.

It’s all about access

The biggest thing you have to consider when buying breastfeeding clothes is the ease of access they provide for you and your baby. There is nothing more frustrating than trying to squeeze around in non-stretchy material to feed your baby.

Consider shirts and dresses that have zips, clips or buttons down the front that provide easy access, or a simple wrap around dress or shirt is also perfect.

Choose fabrics wisely

In the first couple weeks of breastfeeding, you are going to want fabric that washes out easily, as the spit up rate is pretty high.

Breastfeeding clothing necessities

Breast Feeding Wear You Need

Also, remember that your baby has to be under your t-shirt or dress for elongated periods of time, so try to invest in fabric that is light and airy as heavy fabric will make your baby hot and uncomfortable.

The basic 5 kinds of breastfeeding wear

There are just 5 items of clothing that you need that will get you through this challenging time with your body:

  • T-shirts
  • Leggings
  • Little black number
  • Stretchy jeans
  • Comfortable blazer

Don’t forget your breastfeeding cover clothing!

Breastfeeding in public has become a much more common occurrence, thankfully, but it’s still important to remember your privacy when you have to feed in public.

Breastfeeding covers are an effective and fashionable way to preserve some of your privacy while breastfeeding in public and they are an essential for any breastfeeding mom.

Take a look at our variety of breastfeeding clothes that are available for ordering online in Australia and contact us today if you’ve any questions we can help you with.

Have a question for us? Contact the breastfeeding clothing experts today!

Whether you’re a mum-to-be or you’re in the midst of breastfeeding your new born baby, we can’t wait for you to try our wide range of breastfeeding clothes, that are cheap and stylish too. You’ll be feeling comfortable and looking great while nursing your child with Peekaboo Baby’s selection of breastfeeding clothing Australia’s mums have come to love.

If you have a question about our range of breastfeeding clothes online, or any of our other products, feel free to reach out to us today, as we’d be happy to assist you in any way we can. You can contact us here.

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