Activity Gyms & Playmats

Baby Activity Gyms & Playmats

What’s squirmy and happy and learning more than the average university student? Your baby during tummy time! Baby play mats and baby activity gyms are great for entertaining baby with lots of things to see, to feel and hear. Commonly used during tummy time because these toys help infants to develop in the following ways:
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Why Use a Baby Activity Gym or Playmat?

Cognitive benefits: Sometime between the age of 6 weeks to 4 months, babies begin to understand cause and effect by interacting with dangling toys, buttons and other distractions on kids floor mats and activity gyms.

Visual perception: When humans are first born, they can only see a few inches in front of them. Contrasting colours on activity gyms for babies get their attention and teaches depth perception.

Dexterity: An activity gym for baby also teaches little ones to control their hands and feet while reaching and grasping toys. Around month six, children will also begin to develop hand-eye coordination on kids floor mats.

Gross motor benefits: Babies increase muscle by playing on a baby floor mat.

How To Keep Baby Safe During Tummy Time

There are a few things parents should do to ensure your babies stay safe during tummy time. It is recommended that you keep your eyes on the baby at all times, but it's not realistic. You have to clean the house, warm bottles, cook and do the laundry while baby is happy on the kids floor mats. So, here are a few pointers:

Baby proof electrical outlets: A few rolls and baby could be in a dangerous situation near an electrical outlet, so make certain they are covered.

Provide a good floor mat if one does not come with the activity gym for baby: Foam tiles are perfect in combination with activity gyms for newborns. Foam tiles are thicker than blankets and provide more support to the child's spine. Foam tiles will also stay in place when the baby moves.

Block off stairways: Ideally, babies should only crawl and use the baby floor mat downstairs. If that's not possible, use baby gates to block the stairwell while using a playmat.

Investing in a baby play mat or activity gym should be high on any parent's priority list. They are absolute value of money and time (cos sometimes you just need a coffee break!)

While there are hundreds of different kinds of baby activity gyms in Australia, at Peekaboo Baby, we only stock the baby activity gyms that we know your baby will love.

A baby activity gym is probably the most versatile and practical toy that you can buy your little bundle of joy. Not only are they incredibly entertaining, they also provide some very important developmental benefits for your baby.

Why a Baby Activity Gym is a Must-Have

It helps with cognitive development, visual control, and gross motor development from a very young age. In fact, the best baby activity gym can stimulate your little one with mirrors, lights, noises, music, textured materials and other items from the new-born stage right up to the toddler stage.

  • When it comes to cognitive development, the activity gym encourages babies to repeat actions and learn the cause and effect lesson. They will slowly learn that by hitting one hanging toy, they will elicit a noise and so they will hit it again when they want to hear it.

    As they grow, they will begin to grab or kick the toys to get the desired response, and this helps them to develop a stronger core - which will be a huge help when it comes to learning to sit, crawl and walk.
  • Baby activity gyms also help your baby with their visual development. Toys normally hang at different levels and are made of different colours, helping babies to learn how to change the focus of their sight to see the toys that are further away.

    Over time, this is great for their visual perception skills.
  • Some of our activity gyms also encourage babies to crawl, use their arms and legs, and build their gross motor skills. All of this activity helps to strengthen muscles such as the neck, which helps with perfecting the art of sitting up, eating, sleeping and talking.

    Fine motor skills are also exercised and these will prove vital when it comes to playing sports and learning how to write later on in life.

Looking for the best baby activity gym in Australia for your little one?

At Peekaboo Baby, we have a wide range of baby activity gyms. From Alphabet Zoo activity gyms and Beatrix Potter Play Mats to fold away jumpers and Camping Clubs; there’s a little something for babies of all ages and developmental stages in our collection. We guarantee a fast delivery and a no-nonsense purchasing process.

Invest in a baby activity gym and watch your little one have fun and get stronger every day.

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