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Lively Living Organic Essential Oil Trio Bundle - Home Essentials

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The Lively Living Home Essentials Kit Brings you 3 pure essential oils that you’ll find a fantastic staple to your home! Perfect for a thoughtful pick-me-up gift or a home warming gift as it comes in lovely packaging.


  • 1x Fresh Home Blend – 1oml
    Fill your home with the inviting aroma of Fresh Home Essential Oil Blend. This warm and sweet aroma creates a welcoming environment with a mix of sweet, citrus and earthy notes. Your home will feel clean, fresh and welcoming whilst reaping its strong antibacterial benefits.

Ingredients 100% pure essential oils of: Grapefruit Oil, Pine Oil , Sweet Orange Oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil , Spearmint Oil , Peppermint Oil , Cassia Oil

  • 1x Calm & Unwind Blend – 10ml
    A light and calming aroma that will help you feel at ease. The Calm & Unwind Blend contains 3 very popular oils in a perfect synergy for you to enjoy. This is great to relieve nervous tension, anxiety, and calm your mind & body at any time of the day. Great to add a few drops to a relaxing bath as well!

Ingredients 100% pure essential oils of: Tangerine Oil, Mandarin Oil, Lavender Oil

  • 1x Sweet Orange Oil – 10ml
    Sweet Orange is an all round favourite for young and old! This has many uses around the home such as cleaning & cooking as well as diffusing it for its aromatherapy benefits. Sweet Orange will have you feeling refreshed, uplifted, soothe your mind and boost your general wellbeing!

Ingredients 100% pure essential oil of: Sweet Orange Oil