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The Gro Company Gro Anywhere Black Out Blind


Product Description

The nursery too bright for baby to sleep well? Is your little one waking up too early from the sun rising? The Gro Anywhere Black Out Blind is the best selling, innovative solution to create a dark, sleepy environment. Perfect for at home or for travels, the very versatile, size adjustable, Gro Anywhere Blind can be set–up in minutes. Designed with premium black–out material and pre–attached suckers, it will stick to the window while the material can be adjusted to fit.

It's never easy to get little ones to sleep if there's light streaming through the window of their nursery. It may simply be the summer months, or you may be on holiday - either way, the easy to use Gro Anywhere Blackout Blind provides a simple way to create the right snoozy environment that can work wonders. 


  • Fully size adjustable to fit most windows
  • Stylish - beautiful night time star design
  • Premium black out material
  • Velcro tabs located around edges
  • Compact size
  • Suckers around outer edge
  • Easy to attach to window
  • Easy to remove
  • Comes with one travel bag
  • Fit windows to a maximum size of 135cm by 200cm