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Baby Shopping Online Australia

Whether you are in your last couple of weeks of pregnancy, or you’ve a brand new baby to take care of, the last thing on your mind will be leaving your house to go baby shopping. 

That’s why, at Peekaboo Baby, we have worked tirelessly on our online baby shopping store so that you can decorate the nursery, pick out cute outfits and order strollers, and all from the comfort of your own home.
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Baby Shopping Online in Australia Made Easy

If you’re looking for a store that specialises in baby shopping online, you’ve found us! The following are some of the reasons why our customers choose us;


When you’re heavily pregnant or you have a newborn, time will be of the essence so spend it wisely. Our online shopping system is incredibly convenient and you can shop for everything you need for your little one without having to traipse around from store to store. 


Physical stores usually only have a limited product range, either in their specific brand or what they have in stock. At Peekaboo Baby, we have a massive variety of baby products that you can choose from. We stock a variety of brands, sizes, colours and kinds of accessories for both parents and babies.

Easy price comparison 

Our vast product range is available at different price levels, as we like to have something to suit all kinds of budgets. For example, we stock top of the range designer nappy bags for those parents looking for something stylish, but we also stock traditional nappy bags that still look great but are more budget friendly.

We deliver to your door

We are incredibly proud of the speed and professionalism of our delivery service; each product is carefully wrapped and delivered to your door within a matter of days.

So what exactly do we stock in our baby shopping online store?

Our main product categories are as follows:

Bath time: We have a variety of bath time goodies such as tubs, mats, towels and toys.

Changing and potty time: We sell changing stations, all kinds of nappies and potties.

Feeding: Bottles, bibs, booster seats, high chairs and containers are just some of our feeding time accessories.

Out and about: We have car seats, strollers, nappy bags and backpacks for the days out with your little one.

Gifts and keepsakes: In terms of beautiful gifts and keepsakes, we offer candles, photo frames, milestone cards, belly stickers, limited edition lunch boxes and much, much more.

Toys and play: Whether they are for development or just fun, we have tons of baby toys in our online shop so take some time to browse our collection

Clothing: From onesies and hats to jackets, shirts and shoes, we have all the baby clothes you’d want to choose from.

Sleep time: Sleep time is peacetime and we provide blankies, plush toys, crib sets, baby monitors and everything else that you and your baby needs for a peaceful night’s sleep. 

Questions about Baby Shopping Online in Australia? Contact us Today!

We’re the online baby shopping store in Australia that mums and dads love to order from, and we’re looking forward to helping you find everything you need for your little one. 

For more info on any of our products, just get in touch with us today, as we’d be happy to help you.

Peekaboo Baby is the One-Stop Online Shop for range of Baby Goods including Baby Activity Gym, Baby Bags, Baby Girl Shopping, Maternity Clothes, Designer Nappy Bags, Nursing Covers, Baby Clothes, Nappy Backpack, Leather Nappy Bags, Pregnancy Tops & many other products for the new Australian Mums. Feel free to contact us for stock availability or any other questions. 

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