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Welcome to Peekaboo Baby! We have created our online baby shop so that you can buy baby products online at your convenience without having to leave the comfort of your own home. 

Not just that, through our experience and contact with parents all over the country, we have found out what the most essential baby products parents need to have for when their little one arrives, and we’re here to help you get the essentials in order.
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We Stock a Huge Range of Baby Prducts Online

Here are the top items for new parents to invest in that will make having a newborn a little bit easier:

Crib and cot mattress

Okay, this is common sense, as your new-born will need somewhere safe to sleep, however, having the right cot mattress for the crib really can’t be overstated. 

The mattress you choose should be firm and flat, leaving no gaps down the sides bigger than 4 cm and it should be covered in a waterproof lining. This will come in very handy when you start to put your little one to sleep without nappies.

Baby monitor 

As a new parent it’s hard to have peace of mind when your baby is in another room sleeping but, at the same time, you can’t forsake your sleep to stay in their room in case they start to cry. 

A baby monitor is incredibly handy for these situations as it allows you to sleep in your bed while maintaining constant vigilance of your little one.

All Kinds of Baby Stuff Available

Nappy bag

A nappy bag is going to be your number one piece of gear when you are out and about, as it will make taking your little one on mini adventures a whole lot more pleasant.

There are a number of different kinds and styles of nappy bags to choose from, and we have everything from designer bags and leather nappy bags to totes and traditional nappy bags.

Baby bath

Bathtime is an important bonding time for parents and babies, but bathing a small little baby in a big bathtub or sink is simply not the best way to do it. Get your hands on a proper baby bath that will fit your baby perfectly to make it a more enjoyable experience for both of you.

Some of the best bathtubs have newborn inserts that keep your baby in the right reclining position, which means you don’t have to hold them, and can use both hands for cleaning (and tickling).

Don’t forget to get other bathtime accessories like soft towels and baby wash/shampoo. 

Baby Products are just the beginning

These are just some of the best products to have for a new-born, and we have a lot more in our online store.

Choosing to buy baby products online is made easy with Peekaboo Baby. We’re standing by if you need some help with sizing or delivery times etc. 

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