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At Peekaboo Baby we understand how important a baby’s first year is. It’s one of the most delightful - yet taxing - time for new parents and having the right accessories available goes a long way in making the job easier. We stock a wide range of baby goods in Australia that will help parents get through the first few weeks and into a successful first year for their little one.
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Baby Goods For The nursery

It can be difficult to know what to buy when looking at baby goods online; so we’re going to share some essential things you can buy before the joyous arrival to ensure you have everything you need when you bring baby home.

The nursery is one of the most exciting places to decorate before your baby arrives. Whether you go overboard with murals on the walls and carefully designed mood lighting or you prefer simple paint and a minimalist décor, there are a couple of essential items that you will need in the nursery for when you bring your baby home.

The first thing you should invest in is a crib. The crib should be big enough for your baby’s growth into a toddler, and ensure that it has barriers for safety. Bedding is also a big deal for babies, so you need to find a sheet, soft blanket and other bedding that will help to regulate your baby’s temperature in winter and summer.

We Stock Baby Goods for All Aspects of Life

A nappy changing station is the next thing you should invest in, as this will help you to avoid changing nappies and messing on the bed. Very important indeed!


Your baby will obviously needs clothes, and you will have fun choosing cute outfits for your little one. Just make sure you get a variety of clothing for different times of the day: sleeping kits, everyday clothes and shoes, onesies, socks, little hats and warm jerseys and jackets.

Nappies are obviously an imperative part of your child’s clothing requirements and parents must ensure they are well stocked before their baby is born.


Your new baby is going to do a whole lot of feeding in its first year and, as such, it’s important to be prepared for their hungry arrival.

What you need for your baby’s feeding time will depend on whether you are breastfeeding or bottle feeding (breast pumps, formula etc) - but in general you will need a high chair, many bottles and bibs, as well as plastic crockery and cutlery.


You will be travelling with your baby at some stage, and we advise that you invest in a nappy bag, a car seat and a stroller before your baby comes home.


Playtime is your baby’s favourite time of the day, and it helps them to develop into a happy, healthy child. Ensure that you have a children’s activity gym, some plush toys and other age-appropriate toys that your baby can safely play with.

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