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Baby Girl Shopping

Online Shopping for Baby Girls

Baby girls are extraordinarily precious little things (not to say boys aren’t) but there is something special about bringing a small, sweet-smelling little princess into the world. Buying gifts, decorations and clothes for them is an absolute delight, and at Peekaboo Baby we have a huge collection of cute outfits, lovely gifts and wonderful decor for your new little girl.
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A Huge Range of Products for Baby Girls

Like any little baby, however, girls also need nappies changed, they mess themselves, they dribble and get dirty in general and, as such, you are going to be going through a lot of clothes in the first year of your little girl’s life.

Founded by a busy mum of two from Melbourne, Peekaboo Baby was created to make baby girl online shopping easy for parents in Australia.

Do you need to do some baby girl online shopping for your little one?

If so, these are the clothes that are going to be most essential for the first few months after having your little girl;

Just Some of the Baby Girl Products we Sell in Our Baby Shop

Home from the hospital outfit

Something soft, warm, and adorable is essential when taking your new baby home from the hospital.

Onesies (Aged 4-7 months)

Onesies with a snap-crotch will keep your baby snug, while making nappy changes a whole lot easier.

Stretchy pull-on pants (2-3 years)

Stretchy everyday pants that are easy to pull on and off whether you are at home or out.

Snap-crotch T-shirts (3-6 years)

Our wonderful little tees are great to layer with in cold weather and won’t ride up under their other clothing.

T-shirts with side snaps (4-5 years)

These provide a warm layer that can be pulled over the side and doesn’t need to be lifted over the head.

Jersey or jacket (2-3 years)

For keeping your little one warm when they are outside.

Footed sleepers (5 years)

These are warm and soft and perfect for a snug nap for your little one.

Hats (all ages)

Hats don’t just look adorable, they also provide warmth and sun protection for her.

Socks or booties

Socks and booties keep baby’s feet warm and protected.

If You're Shopping Online for your Baby Girl, You've Come to The Right Place

These are just some of the essential items that you can buy online for your baby girl. The other essential items that she will need are as follows:

Nursery: The nursery is an exciting room to decorate and when you have a little girl, you can really go all out. First things first, you need to buy a crib for the princess, and have snug blankets to match.

Try and ensure that the crib suits your room theme - whether that is a bright pink, or neutral green - make sure it doesn’t clash.

Toys: Babies love toys and they play a key role in the development of their minds and bodies. When shopping online for your little girl, you should buy things like activity gyms, plush toys and colourful blocks.

Feeding: Bottles, bibs, high chairs, booster seats, teethers and food containers are just some of the feeding appliances you need to buy for your baby girl online.

Cleaning: As already mentioned, just because she’s a girl, doesn’t mean she won’t mess! You are going to need cloths, towels, nappies, mats and a bathtub to keep your little girl sparkling clean.

Shop Everything You Need Online for Baby Girls Here at Peekaboo Baby

We’ve got everything you need when it comes to online shopping for your baby girl. For more info on sizing or delivery etc., feel free to reach out to us today!

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